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 Favourite Songs from Favourite Bands

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The Fabulous

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PostSubject: Favourite Songs from Favourite Bands   Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:23 pm

Here we recommend and talk about our favourite songs/bands

I wont even bother linking my favourite song, since I assume most of you know it already, but I will talk about /other/ ones for the sake of discussion.

So really, after much consideration, and looking at it objectively. My favourite bad would be Caravan Palace. If you haven't heard of them, they're a French Electro-Swing band who gets some influence from Daft Punk.

At first, I hated almost all of their songs, seriously, I hated them. But then I came back later, listened to a few. And before I knew it, I have literally (and I mean literally) listened to all their songs atleast 16 times.
Literally, all their songs they've ever made. Well. It's two albums, but it's still impressive by my standards. I enjoy 100% of the songs they've made.

My top favourites are
1. The dirty side of the street
2. Jolie Coquine
3. Rock it For Me
4. La Caravane  (Note, this would be fairly low, but I absolutely /love/ 3:37 onwards)
5. Dragons

I'll go into others when other people post.
If at all.

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PostSubject: Re: Favourite Songs from Favourite Bands   Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:50 am

I came to this thread, expecting to be able to perma-ban you for listing terrible bands.

Thing is, Caravan Palace are a little bit amazing, so there goes that plan.

Not linking anything atm, because I don't really enjoy trawling YouTube on my laptop, but The World is not a Cold Dead Place by Explosions in the Sky (the entire album; I don't really do single songs).

If I had to list a single song from a single band, it'd be Flying Whales by Gojira (actually, I will link that), or some other pretentious epic by a pretentious metal band.

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Cracked Atlas
His Sexcellency

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PostSubject: Re: Favourite Songs from Favourite Bands   Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:48 am

Whelp, here goes.

I'm gonna talk about David Bowie for a bit. Yeah. Y'all should've expected this.

Now, if you haven't heard of David Bowie... what is wrong with you? Seriously? Like, c'mon dude, he was one of the biggest rock stars of the 60s and 70s. And also right now.

Regardless, instead of listing my top 5 favorite songs of his, because that's something I just can't do, I'ma do a, I dunno, a top 30, in no particular order, list of Bowie songs. If you're not a fan, go, listen, be educated. If you are, well, there's probably at least one song on this list you haven't heard before.

1. Cracked Actor I figured I'd start with my namesake for this forum. Click for Bowie making out with a skull.
2. Diamond Doges Tee hee doge.
3. Modern Love else Melex'd be sad.
4. Cat People Originally the theme song from a movie with a terrible plot. This song is the best thing to come from that.
5. "Heroes" Because "Heroes", screw you.
6. New Angels of Promise The first song from "Omikron: The Nomad Soul", the only game to feature an original soundtrack by David Bowie.
7. Life on Mars /Probably/ Bowie's best song.
8. Queen Bitch A song inspired by Lou Reed. A more fitting memorial I cannot think of.
9. Speed of Life A fully instrumental track, one of many from the Berlin Trilogy.
10. Sound and Vision I... /really/ like Low.
11. The Man Who Sold The World I think it's so great Bowie's covering a Nirvanna so- wait, no, nevermind.
12. New Killer Star I'm also a huge fan of Reality.
13. Reality I don't wanna flood this list with Reality songs, but here's some more.
14. All of Ziggy Stardust No seriously, this entire album is just, mmm, so good.
15. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Actually, can I just post this whole album as well? No? Aww.
16. Fashion "We are the goon squad and we're coming for you. Beep. Beep."
17. Ashes to Ashes In this film clip, David Bowie is a clown, on the beach. With a digger. Seriously, go watch it.
17.5 Cygnet Commitee Is pretty cool, I guess. (Also I can't count.)
18. Space Oddity The song that made Bowie famous.
19. Let's Dance The song that made Bowie /really/ famous.
20. Station to Station My favourite Bowie song, from my favourite Bowie album.
21. Golden Years Note the juxtaposition between all these funky black people, and the stiffest, whitest, least-funky guy ever to appear on Soul Train.
22. Wild is the Wind Probably one of Bowie's best vocal performances. So naturally, it's a cover.
23. Young Americans ...shit, this should actually be at the end of the list.
24. Fame Bowie + Lennon, so naturally 's brilliant.
25. Under Pressure 'S Under Pressure. 'S the greatest pop song ever written. Deal.
26. The Next Day
27. The Stars (Are Out Tonight), as well as Plan
28. Valentine's Day and
29. I'd Rather Be High from The Next Day.
30.  The Laughing Gnome Clearly, Bowie's magnum opus. Expertly crafted, brilliantly composed, genius lyrics and a stunning vocal performance. Not only is this Bowie's greatest work, it might just be the best piece of music of all time.

Nice legs, daisy dukes, makes a man go   
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Spurt Reynolds

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PostSubject: Re: Favourite Songs from Favourite Bands   Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:58 pm

I don't have a single favourite band as many of my favourite bands all have different aspects that I enjoy. So I'll be making a few post's in here.

For today however I'm gonna introduce the Trans Siberian Orchestra. They are a Prog Rock band whose composer believes Beethoven was "The world's first heavy metal rock star"

Whilst it's best to listen to them in full albums, 5 of their best songs include:
1.Christmas Eve/Sarajevo A cover of the classic christmas song Carol of the Bells ramped up to 11.
2.Mephistopheles Return a track from their 3rd rock opera Beethoven's Last Night
3.Nutrocker Yes it's their version of the Nutcracker
4.Night Castle From their 5th rock opera Night castle
5.Wizards in Winter The song most people know from that Christmas Lights Video a few years back
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PostSubject: Re: Favourite Songs from Favourite Bands   

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Favourite Songs from Favourite Bands
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