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 Don't Starve - Challenges.

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Don't Starve - Challenges. Empty
PostSubject: Don't Starve - Challenges.   Don't Starve - Challenges. Icon_minitimeFri Nov 15, 2013 9:29 pm

I was thinking of having a challenge, but I'm working on a few at the moment, which I'll write out in full later and post 'em in this thread.

But pretty much, Don't starve. How many days can you survive?
Requires screenshots of the day-timer. So if you get to day 24, and you die, and the only photo you have is 17, you only have reached day 17.

Also, for those who do play, this thread can be used for brainstorming masochistic challenges.
I'll post a screenshot when I get further into the current game I got going.

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Don't Starve - Challenges.
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