Does Tim Exist/Am I a banana?

If you're reading this, the fuck you doin' on amiabanana? Fuck off.
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 "Do it for her"

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PostSubject: "Do it for her"   Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:31 pm

I was tossing up between either throwing this in forum games or here, thought I might as well should just throw it in here.

Pretty much, you make your own variant of this,

You can make them seriously if you're some kind of pleb, or you can make them hilarious like a normal human being.
It's got an transparent hole, so you can just use to add a layer and put photos under it simply, it also adds the tape effect by doing that.

Examples I whipped up.
Make your own.

Make the link [img(700px,500px)]-img url-[/ img] to make sure it doesn't take up half the damn screen.

Looks like I'll have to fucking appease to your sick fetishes to get you all interested, you fucks.


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"Do it for her"
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