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 Standard Mafia Roles

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PostSubject: Standard Mafia Roles   Standard Mafia Roles Icon_minitimeTue Jan 10, 2012 11:00 pm

Mafia is an old game with many thousands of 'power roles' -- players who can do things other than the standard voting and killing. The flash guide to mafia linked to in the rules contains many never-used roles. First time mods should probably stick to the following roles because they are the easiest to balance.

Typically town-sided, the cop may visit a person each night to determine their alignment. Common variations on this include the role-cop, who may determine the role of a targeted player.

Typically town-sided, the doctor may visit a person each night to prevent them from being killed that night

Typically Town-sided by definition, the vigilante may kill one person each night. The mod often limits the number of shots they have for balance reasons. If not town-sided, this role is always given a different name.

Almost always town-sided, the jailkeeper may target one person each night to put them in jail. Jailed players are immune to nightkills, but cannot use any night actions they may have. Some variants render the jailed players immune to all night actions, not just kills.

Typically called 'dancer' when town-sided, and 'hooker' when mafia-sided, the roleblocker may target one person each night and prevents them from using their night actions if they have any. In games with a dancer, the mafia often have to chose a mafioso to make their kill -- if that particular mafioso is roleblocked, then the kill does not go through.

Town-sided by definition, masons are two or more townsfolk who know who each other are. They can generally talk to each other at night, and in some cases, are permitted to talk to each other during the day. This role is more powerful than some begginning mods realise, so be careful with it. One variation on this role is neighbours, who are exactly like masons, but they are not guaranteed to be town-sided, and are not guaranteed of their partner's alignment.

Town-sided by definition, a miller is a player who, when investigated by the cop, shows up as 'guilty'. There is a never-used variation known as the deathmiller, who is revealed to be a member of the mafia on death; I only mention it to tell you not to use that role unless you are 100% sure you know what you're doing.

Almost always town-sided, this role quite simply has two votes that it can use in the daytime; most variations can vote for two different people simultaneously, but some must vote the same person twice if they wish to use both votes. I personally like the flavour name 'orator', but it has never taken off.

Serial Killer
Third-party by definition, this role fights for himself, and no-one else. Each night, this player may choose someone to kill, and they win when they're the last player standing. Because they are only one player, it is difficult for them to win, so they are often given buffs (MafiaScum often gives serial killers one-time immunity from night kills, and EpicMafia makes serial killers show up as town if investigated by a cop).

Mafia-aligned by definition, this player shows up as town if investigated by a cop. Depending on the game, they may have the final say in which mafioso kills who, and sometimes they may be incapable of killing unless they are the last of their mafia family.

Mafia-aligned by common sense, this player may target one player each night. If a cop investigates the targeted player, the result will be 'guilty'. There is a less-used variation known as the tailor who may choose a player and the result they want the cop to get.

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Standard Mafia Roles
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